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Motive is a Canadian procedural drama. television series that premiered on the CTV television network on February 3, 2013, immediately following Super Bowl XLVII. The series premiere had 1.23 million viewers, making Motive the number one Canadian series premiere of the 2012–13 season. The show also will be broadcast by ABC in the United States as part of their summer 2013 schedule.  It was announced on March 12, 2013 that, starting March 14, Motive will now air on Thursdays at 10:00pm Eastern/9:00pm Central. The series is slated to air on ABC beginning on May 21, 2013.


When murder is committed, Angie Flynn, a loving, single mother and a damned good detective, along with her partner, Detective Oscar Vega, are on the case, looking for clues that will lead them to the killer. But "Motive" turns the tried-and-true crime drama formula on its head by indentifying the Killer and Victim at the beginning of each episode. These storylines are then further explored via stylized flashbacks that piece together the mysterious connection between these two characters and what drove the Killer to commit murder.


Guest stars

  • Siobhan Williams as Tiffany Greenwood
  • Noam Jenkins as David
  • Ross Noble as Gary


On May 31, CTV ordered 13 episodes from Foundation Features and Lark Productions, to be filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, from September 17, 2012, to February 26, 2013. Lots of the filming takes place in Maple Ridge, BC.