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Creeping Tom is the pilot episode of "Motive" that aired on February 3, 2013.


The killer: Tom, a high school student.

The victim: Glen Martin, the popular singing science teacher at Tom's high school.

Tom is an often picked upon quiet student who plays the bass drum in the school's marching band. He likes to remain invisible as it allows him to be quietly subversive as displayed by his favorite activity called "creeping" which is sneaking into houses and stealing a small memento just for the thrill of it. He introduces his best friend, Willie to the activity, the house chosen this evening being the Martin's.

As the Homicide Department investigates the murder which was conducted by blunt force trauma to the head, they follow the usual leads such as his wife, Linda Martin, who was having an affair, but she vows that she still loved Glen & Linda's lover, a new immigrant named Arman Pozner. The questions become whether they will piece together the evidence, and or if Tom's nervousness will give him away.

Meanwhile, Angie tests the boundaries of parenting with her son, Manny.

Guest Cast[]

  • Tyler Johnston as Tom
  • Joey McIntyre as Glen Martin
  • Shauna Johannesen as Linda Martin
  • Iain Belcher as Willie Schubert
  • Eva Bourne as Kristi (as Eva Allan)
  • John Emmet Tracy as Tom's Dad
  • Johannah Newmarch as Tom's Mom
  • Ali Skovbye as Lulu Caron
  • Allie Bertram as Crystal
  • Travis Nelson as Stoner
  • Zack Lavoie as Stoner #2
  • Cole Matthews as Arman Pozner
  • Michael David Stewart as Band Member
  • James Kot as Officer #1
  • Michael Sangha as Officer #2
  • Roger Haskett as Attorney
  • Paula Burrows as Redhead
  • Carolyn Adair as Detective (uncredited)